Spring coloring is warm and fresh.

Some descriptive words for the Spring seasonal palette are clear, warm, and crisp.

  • If you are a Spring that means you have a low level of contrast between your hair, skin and eye color. However you could also have dark hair and pale skin with light, clear eyes.
  • As a Spring, you have a clear, warm and golden undertone to your coloring. If your skin appears pink, it’s more of a peachy, warm pink.
  • You have earthy and bright tonal qualities to your eyes, ranging from turquoise blue to hazel and sparkly light brown.
  • Your hair is somewhere between dark to medium brown, coppery red, strawberry, deep golden and light blonde. If your hair is dark it most likely has golden or reddish highlights.
  • If you’re a woman of color with dark hair, you probably have clear and lighter eyes than what’s typical in your ethnicity (Turquoise blue, green, topaz, light brown, hazel)
  • Your coloring is generally warm but bright. The majority of red-heads fall within this season because of the dominant warm, red hair color.

Not all Springs are alike. Springs may be Light, Warm, or Clear.


Do you have light hair and light eyes?

  • Is your hair naturally blonde or very light brown?
  • Do you have pale blue, gray, or light green eyes?
  • Do you have pale eyelashes and indistinguishable eyebrows that need to be penciled in?
  • Do you have delicate, porcelain skin that burns easily? 
  • Does your hair have red highlights in the sun?
  • Does your skin have a golden tone?
  • Do your eyes have a brightness to them?

If you are Light and Warm, you are a Light Spring.

Light Springs have an overall look that is soft and delicate. 

Light Spring

Does your hair have prominent red tones?

  • Is your hair a shade of strawberry blonde?
  • Do you have bright blue or green eyes?
  • Are your eyelashes and eyebrows reddish in tone?
  • Do you have porcelain skin with an abundance of freckles? 

If you are Warm and Clear, you are a Warm Spring.

Warm springs have an overall look that is golden and clear.

Warm Spring

Is your hair dark but your eyes light?

  • Do you have bright, striking eyes that are blue, green, or topaz?
  • Do you have dark eyebrows and dark eyelashes?
  • Is your coloring contrasting between dark and light? 
  • Does your hair have red highlights in the sun?
  • Does your skin have a golden tone?

If you are Clear and Warm, you are a Clear Spring.

Clear Springs have an overall look that is clear and contrasting.

Clear Spring