seasonal color analysisDo you ever feel yourself inexplicably drawn to certain colors and rubbed the wrong way by others?

Maybe the colors which are displayed in stores catch your attention more at a certain time of the year than they do during other times.

Everyone is born with an inclination towards certain colors before we are swayed by outside influences.

These colors are the ones which will undoubtedly suit us best.

In case you haven’t ever heard of color analysis or seasonal color palettes, it’s the theory that your personal coloring (hair, skin, eyes) will have a level of intensity which will determine which colors are your best colors. (Light or deep, clear or muted, warm or cool) These are grouped into seasonal palettes of Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.

seasonal color analysis

If you’re unsure which seasonal color palette is best for you, here is a flow chart I made to help you unlock your colors.

Seasonal Color Analysis Flowchart


  • If you’re a Summer, your colors are rosy, blue and soft. See more about the Summer seasonal color palette here!

  • If you’re a Winter, your colors are true, vivid and sharp. See more about the Winter seasonal color palette here!

  • If you’re a Spring, your colors are clear, warm and crisp. See more about the Spring seasonal color palette here!

  • If you’re an Autumn, your colors are warm, rich and spicy. See more about the Autumn seasonal color palette here!

Keep in mind that your seasonal colors are simply guides for you to find the colors which will look best on you. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wear any color that makes you feel great, but finding your season should help you to discover more colors that will bring out your very best features.

This is a very simplified and generic version just to get you started on the path to finding your best colors. Color Analysis is not an exact science so it’s impossible to place every individual into just these four boxes. 

Would you like personalized color advice?

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