Renovation Tour Messy During Pictures
Aside from the inch thick layer of saw dust covering every item in the house (especially the kitchen!) living in the middle of a renovation isn’t too bad. I have been sneezing like crazy though. The concrete floors underneath the carpet look bad but it smells (and is) much cleaner without the carpeting.

Here you can see a bit of the new wall color in the front room. I think it actually goes with the fireplace stone color much better than the previous wall color too.

There was some rot in the sheetrock along the side of the sliding glass door due to a leak in roof at some point in the past. Looks messy, but with a few pieces cut out and replaced, it’s going to be good as new now.

The lovely entryway. I did warn you that it gets worse before it gets better, right?

And there are always surprises along the way. Like, “Surprise! The refrigerator was hooked up to a hot water line!” We found out when we tried to fill a pitcher with water and it started getting boiling hot after a few minutes.

And, “Surprise! Even though the new refrigerator you bought said it was only 35″ in the description, the sides are slighted rounded so it actually needs an inch or two more to fit in that space!”

No more wall to wall carpeting in front of the sink is a huge win. Yes, the bathroom is still a work in progress though.

Not quite a guest room yet. We’ll come back to this room in the coming weeks when it will be looking A LOT more welcoming.

Here we have the master bedroom, half painted and carpet-less. Don’t worry, the new floor was installed before we moved our bed in and started sleeping here!

Ah, here is the new flooring before installation. Just trying it out to see how it all goes together and what it’ll look like in the living room. Spoiler alert: it ends up looking awesome.

Remember that out of place medallion in the dining room? Well, it’s gone now and the wiring is all fixed and ceiling patched. I promise it will look better once it’s painted and the new light goes in.

Pumpkin doesn’t mind the renovation so much as long as he isn’t locked up in the bedroom.

Painting the new baseboards takes a long time, but is so worth it once they’re in with the new wood floors!

Just a teaser of the new flooring. Hint of the wood and the new tile being installed in the entryway!

With the new hardwood floors all finished, the kitchen is looking a little more outdated. Luckily, my mom came and helped give it a little pick me up with some decorating. It’s obviously a work in progress but I think the pops of color help make it more cheerful and at least it’s functional in the meantime.

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