Makeup Colors for Autumns

The right makeup colors are just as important as the right clothing colors.

Just like fads in fashion, there are fads in makeup. I like to be aware of colors that I know look good on me and those that I know don’t so that even if something is all the rage, I can choose a shade that won’t make me look like I’m sick. To me, wearing colors that make the most of my natural coloring is the most important thing about wearing makeup. Because if your makeup doesn’t make you look great, then what’s the point of wearing it? I personally think that all women look better with some color, even if it’s just some mascara and lipgloss.

The colors shown below are meant to give you some color inspiration and are by no means the only colors you should ever wear. These are just some of the colors that will look good on you. And please be aware that some of them are meant to be metallic or pearly, but it’s hard to capture that with flat colors so all of the shades shown will have some variation in real life.


Autumn coloring is warm and rich.

Not all Autumns are alike. Autumns may be Warm, Deep, or Soft.

You can find out more about the different Autumn types here.

As an Autumn, you will want to keep your makeup colors warm with yellow/brown or peachy undertones. Your brown shades should be deep and golden. If you have brown eyes, avoid red-brown eyeshadows because they could make you look like you’ve been crying.

Soft Autumn

Special tip for Soft Autumns: Always wear some lipstick or lipgloss to give you some definition. 

Soft Autumn Makeup Colors


Warm Autumn

Special tip for Warm Autumns: Your best makeup colors are what you envision seeing on a fall day when all the leaves are changing colors.

Warm Autumn Makeup Colors


Deep Autumn

Special tip for Deep Autumns: Balance your rich coloring with a rich lip color. If you prefer to wear a softer color, be sure to balance your look with strong eyemakeup.

Deep Autumn Makeup Colors


You can find the Spring colors here, Summer colors here, and Winter colors here.

You can find my Sarena Nicole Custom Beauty Makeup Collection here.

If you are unsure about your coloring, I can help!

Color Analysis is not an exact science so it’s impossible to place every individual into neat little boxes.

Your coloring is as unique as you are!

Would you like personalized color advice?

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