Tuesday Tips

Tuesday Tips

Much like Three on Thursday, Tuesday Tips is a collection of favorite things or recommendations posted on a Tuesday instead of a Thursday

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Instagram for Success

Kick the Instagram Algorithm to the curb. With Instagram for Success. – Helene from Helene in Between is giving an awesome Instagram workshop all about how to conquer Instagram’s algorithm. You know, that nasty thing that messes up the order that posts appear and doesn’t let everyone see all your posts? Yeah, this amazing girl right here is sharing everything she knows on how to be a boss on Instagram! 

I highly recommend Helene’s courses, especially this new Instagram for Success. I’ve been following her advice and I’ve increased my followers from 350-700 in the past 3 months. That may not seem like a lot to some people, but it’s double the amount I had! Plus, my followers are much more engaged now than they’ve ever been.

The course is six lessons and you can sign up from now until July 26 only, so don’t miss out! Click here to sign up!


Julep Subscription Box

I love Julep. They have the best nail treatments and polishes, skin care and other beauty products. I’ve subscribed to their beauty boxes for over two years! My favorite thing about this service is that you can customize your box each month and they always have new colors or products to choose from. Their Stick it to Me Oxygen Bonding Base Coat is probably my favorite product. It actually grips nail color and keeps it on longer while still allowing oxygen to reach your nail bed. It’s awesome for lasting color and strengthening nails.

Click below to sign up for a Julep beauty box subscription and get your first box FREE!

Summer Pop Offer

~ Sarena