How to Wear Black

Black isn’t a part of every color palette, but anyone can wear black if it’s paired with the right colors!

These tips on how to wear black will help you to look your best wearing black no matter what your coloring.

How to Wear Black

If you are unsure which seasonal palette is yours, please look at this post to determine if you are Light, Deep, Warm, Cool, Clear, or Soft and this post to determine your season and see your best colors. For a closer look at each of the Seasonal Palettes individually, you can look here: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.

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Here are some tips to help you wear black to your best advantage, along with an example outfit for each palette. These are only examples to give you some ideas, but you can also shop the pieces shown by clicking on the links below the pictures.

Light Spring

  • For you to wear black to your best advantage, pair it with one of your light, warm colors like peach, yellow green, or light yellow gold.
  • Avoid pairing it with white or wearing it close to your face.
  • A lacy black top is great for evening, just don’t wear heavy eye makeup or lipstick that’s too dark with it.
  • Gold or colored jewelry will help lift the black.

 Light Summer

  • Black isn’t one of your best colors, but it does make a striking contrast with your hair.
  • Wearing black in softer fabrics will help to lighten the harshness of it.
  • Keep black further from your face with open or plunging necklines. 
  • Draping a light chiffon scarf over a black dress will make you look elegant.
How to Wear Black Light Summer

Deep Autumn

  • Black is great on you! 
  • Wearing it alone or with other colors in your palette balances your deep, rich coloring. 
  • Perfect pairings with black are tomato red or ivory.
How to Wear Black Deep Autumn

Deep Winter

  • Black is a major part of your wardrobe and looks perfect worn head to toe.
  • You can also pair it with a contrasting color like fuchsia for a dramatic look.
How to Wear Black Deep Winter

Warm Autumn

  • If you have porcelain skin, black will make you look even paler.
  • For best results, combine it with mustard, terracotta, or salmon close to your face.
  • A little black dress in a soft, drapey fabric will be more flattering since the material will make the black less harsh.
How to Wear Black Warm Autumn

Warm Spring

  • Black isn’t in your palette, but it can look striking on you if you wear it with a bright color like coral or salmon near your face.
  • Wearing black in a pattern, like stripes with a combination of other colors is a perfect choice for you.
How to Wear Black Warm Spring

Cool Summer

  • Black is in your palette, but you should still avoid wearing it directly under your chin since it will cast a weird shadow.
  • A softer fabric or something with texture like tweed or black denim will help absorb the light and soften the look.
How to Wear Black Cool Summer

Cool Winter

  • Black is one of your key colors.
  • Wearing it with contrasting colors like white or fuchsia will make you sparkle.
How to Wear Black Cool Winter

Clear Spring

  • Black is one of the main colors in your palette.
  • Wearing it with a bright, contrasting color like coral or turquoise is stunning on you. 
How to Wear Black Clear Spring

Clear Winter

  • Black and pure white is a stunning combination for you.
  • You can also pair it with one of your pale shades like powder blue or rich colors like true green with great effect. 
How to Wear Black Clear Winter

Dress / Purse

Soft Autumn

  • Lighter colors suit you better so you should always wear black away from your face and in soft or textured fabrics.
  • Details like ruffles, frills, chiffon, ribbons, or bows add a soft touch.
  • Gold jewelry will also help to soften the effect.
How to Wear Black Soft Autumn

Soft Summer

  • When you wear black, a textured fabric like a black and white tweed is perfect.
  • You can also soften a plain black jacket by wearing a lavender or icy gray top with it.
How to Wear Black Soft Summer
I hope you enjoyed these tips, and as always, please let me know if I can help you determine your seasonal palette by commenting or sending me an email.
~ Sarena

  • Thanks! I’m glad you liked it. It is a really cute dress!

  • deerheart lovejoy

    LOVE THIS! The warm Autumn look is my favorite. I own a similar dress.

  • I’m so glad you love it! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Okay, then you’re definitely a spring. Those are all spring features. But you could probably get away with wearing some summer colors too. It’s not completely cut and dry. Like, I’m a deep autumn but I can wear a lot of winter colors too.

  • Hair isn’t more golden I would say. Trying to look at the unhighlighted areas underneath and I still see gold I think. Eyes are really clear blue like Alexis bledel or Zooey deschanel, so brighter? And I would say coral next to my face, but both work.

  • Prasnavani Pasuvalingam

    wow.. I love this blog.. Noted down

  • Well, I’m thinking that you could probably pull off colors from both palettes. But is your hair more golden or more ashy? Are your eyes brighter or more misty/pale? And what color looks better next to your face, coral or rose?

  • The skin tone thing is what throws me off, I think I’m just neutral! Because I don’t burn easily but don’t tan easily either, I look good in both silver and gold jewelry, some veins look blue, some look green, I just don’t know!

  • Thanks, I’m glad you liked it. Yes, you’re definitely in the light category. I still say Spring., but I could be wrong since I’ve never seen you in person!

  • Great tips! Black isn’t great against my face so I know I’m in that light spring or summer area.