Empower Yourself with Color Energy

Empower Yourself with Color Energy

Empower Yourself with Color EnergyDid you know that colors have energy?

Have you noticed that certain colors can make you feel a certain way? That is the energy of that color effecting you either positively or negatively. Different colors produce different energies and can give you different benefits. I think it’s interesting to really allow a color’s energy to flow and see how it makes me feel.

You may be drawn to a color simply because you like it or it looks good on you, (you can read more about that here) but you may also be drawn to a certain color because it produces an energy that you need or crave.

Some colors produce so much energy that they can even become overwhelming, like red. Red is a great, up-beat color and I love it, but red can actually be aggressive at times. This is also part of the reason why its used for stop signs. A little pop of red can energize you, but too much red (in a room, for instance) can leave you feeling drained.

Color energy is used in many practices, from design, fashion, Feng Shui, and even spiritual healing

Since I can’t possibly cover all aspects of this is one blog post, I’m going to tell you the basic positive and negative energies of eleven basic colors. Today we will be talking about red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, white, gray, black, and brown. You really shouldn’t be overly concerned about the negative energies of colors unless they’re overly used. They’re only possible averse effects. Mostly, you’ll want to focus on the positive energies you’re in need of and select colors that way. 


Protection, Energy, Activity

Positive Energies: Confidence, Assertiveness, Excitement

  • Red is great when you want to stand out, to attract the opposite sex, or to project authority.

Negative Energies: Aggressiveness, Threat, Danger

  •  Avoid red when you’re over tired or over stressed, not prepared to defend yourself, when meeting potential in-laws, or for a job interview.


Health, Grounding, The Earth

Positive Energies: Vitality, Fun, Enthusiasm

  • Orange is great when you want to be seen in the dark or for a boost of energy.

Negative Energies: Giddiness, Superficiality, Mediocrity

  • Avoid orange for business since it’s the least professional color, for afternoon tea, when you want to look elegant, or when dieting because it causes you to lack self-control.


The Earth, Grounding, Health

Positive Energies: Cheerfulness, Activity, Hope

  • Use yellow to cheer yourself up, when working with children, or to be recognized in a crowd.

Negative Energies: Impulsiveness, Volatility, Exhaustion

  • Avoid yellow in a business meeting when you have nothing to contribute, when asking your bank manager for an overdraft, when negotiating a divorce settlement, or when telling your son or daughter the facts of life.


Growth, Vitality, Hope

Positive Energies: Tenacity, Dependability, Self-Reliance

  • Use green when over stressed and over tired or after too much use of over flamboyant color. Green has excellent calming properties.

Negative Energies: Stubbornness, Predictability, Aversion to Risks

  • Avoid green when you’re an entrepreneur asking for capital, fundraising, or when trying to turn heads in the evening (unless it’s an emerald green silk or satin)


Knowledge, Royalty, Life

Positive Energies: Peacefulness, Trustworthiness, Logic

  • Use blue when you want to look like you’re in charge or to inspire confidence when meeting your future mother in law.

Negative Energies: Predictability, Superiority, Tiredness

  • Avoid blue when making a creative pitch, at a school reunion, or at a conference, unless you are trying to not stand out.


Wealth, Royalty, Power

Positive Energies: Imagination, Intuition, Sensitivity

  • Wear purple in business situations to project confidence or as an alternative to black for evening.

Negative Energies: Immaturity, Superiority, Impracticality

  • Avoid purple when you are depressed or whenever a low-key profile is necessary.


Love, Motherhood, The Heart

Positive Energies: Femininity, Gentleness, Empathy

  • Wear pink on Wednesdays. Just kidding! Wear it to soften a harsh business look or for an afternoon tea or garden party.

Negative Energies: Indecisiveness, Weakness, Insignificance

  • Avoid pink when discussing a promotion or at a client dinner.


Cleanliness, Purity, Righteousness

Positive Energies: Freshness, Cleanliness, Purity

  • Wear white when projecting standards of care and hygiene, to create a strong contrast against dark colors, or for an attention grabbing, progressive image.

Negative Energies: Coldness, Sterility, Apathy

  • Avoid white in grubby areas because it will show every mark or as an entire outfit, unless it’s really hot and you’re trying to look and feel cooler.


Neutrality, Benefactors, Hidden Things

Positive Energies: Respectability, Balance, Neutrality

  • Wear gray for a job interview, when acting as arbitrator for a dispute, or when you want to project a balanced, unbiased attitude.

Negative Energies: Indecisiveness, Deception, Uncertainty

  • Avoid gray when you’re hoping to be noticed, when working with children, or when you’re trying not to be held back.


Power, Authority, Respect

Positive Energies: Sophistication, Mystery, Strength

  • Wear black as a sign of respect, to keep people at a distance, for a bold impact with another color, like red, or in the evening for formal occasions.

Negative Energies: Lifelessness, Aloofness, Negativity

  • Avoid black when you want people to open up to you, to a wedding, or when you don’t have time for grooming because it will show every speck of lint.


The Earth, Health, Grounding

Positive Energies: Earthiness, Relaxation, Comfort

  • Use brown to get people to open up to you, as an alternative to gray or navy for business, or when entertaining in-laws.

Negative Energies: Carelessness, Dreariness, Defensiveness

  • Avoid brown when hoping to attract someone or for an elegant occasion, unless it’s velvet, satin, or lace.


What’s your favorite color and do you think its energy effects you in these ways?

~ Sarena

  • That is so cool! I really love that color. Not to decorate with necessarily, but I have a few tops that color and in a darker shade that’s very similar and I always feel energized and happier when I wear those too!

  • Yep! Not my traditional waredrobe but I have two shirts in what I call my ‘power color.’ It’s not my favorite color, not something I’d decorate my home in, but this bright corally color that leans more neon and orangey than pink (https://mobile.twitter.com/stephs1120/status/864204955028246528, second from the left and I also have it in a longer sleeve version.) the color energizes me and I’m happier and productive on the days that’s I wear it! My rain jacket is also that color too haha.
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  • Thanks! Do you feel like you draw any energies from the colors you wear?

  • Very interesting! Clothing-wise, I wear a lot of blue, pink and grey.